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Dean Message

Dr. Hiyam Altajj


The Faculty of Educational and Psychological Sciences, has been the first edifice that was incorporated in Amman Arab University on its first starting in 1999-2000. This faculty has carried out the vision of the university to be a distinguished faculty locally, regionally and globally in educational and psychological sciences, also this faculty has carried out a message based on preparing educational leaders to be capable of improving educational knowledge, scientific research and serving community, 

and also linking theory with practice to pursuit & apply total quality in learning and education, this will be achieved by selecting the elite faculty members whom specialises in science and education, so as to serve generations, nation, and humanity.

The Faculty of Educational and Psychological Sciences was established at Amman Arab University in order to achieve the mission of the university faithfully, and carry out its functions adequately, and implement its objectives in fields of education, by applying the highest levels of superior & excellence, within principles of reason, morals, and responsibility. This faculty seeks for its graduate to be an academic, educated specialist, and integrated mentally, spiritually, skillfully and creatively, and being capable to contribute in building and preparing a distinguished human resources, so as to develop society, change it constantly, and preserve its identity & originality.

The Faculty of Educational and Psychological Sciences includes five departments:

  • foundation and educational administration 
  • Curriculum and teaching methods
  • Educational Psychology
  • Psychological and Educational Counseling.
  • Special education

The faculty grants a master degree in both thesis and comprehensive streams in specialization of curriculum and teaching methods in its various fields. It also grants a master degree in specialization of foundations, philosophy of education, and educational management & leadership. And it also grants a master degree in specialization of psychological counseling, educational psychology, growth, learning, measurement, evaluation and special education.

In addition to the master's degree, the faculty grants a bachelor degree in specialization of special education. The faculty pays a continuous attention to all study plans for graduate and primary programs, so as to develop and modernize its components, to ensure its responsiveness to scientific & technical developments, and to meet with the needs of Jordanian, Arab and regional society. The faculty encourages its members (in addition to their teaching duties in their scientific fields); to participate effectively in local, Arab and international conferences, hold seminars and exhibitions, and present counseling lectures within & outside university. The faculty was able to build a wide relations with its counterparts of educational faculties and other research institutions at the national, Arab and international levels.​

Dr. Hiyam Altajj
Acting Dean of educational and psychological sciences faculty