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Legal Research Series

Number Research Title Research
1 Managerial control in the Era of Omar Bin Al-Kattab-May Allah be blessed with him Dr.Ahmad Mahmoud AL-Magableh Download Research
2 Settlement of International Watercourse Disputes In the light of International Law Provisions Dr.Mohamad Shibli,Dr.Mohamad Alkaraki Download Research
3 The Estimated Time of Warranty and Review is Appreciated in the Jordanian Law Comparative Study with the Iraqi Law Anfal Alzawy,Prof.Ahmad Abu Shanab Download Research
4 What do Muslim Women lose by their Equal Rights to Men in the light of Modern Intellectual Trends Dr.Abeer Abdel Azeez Al-Tamimi Download Research
5 Double Judicial control of the Implementation of Arbitration Decisions in Jordan Rania Rahaleh Download Research
6 The Guarantees of Fair Trial in the Formation of State Security Court in Jordanian Legislation Khaled Ali Alshar,Dr.Imad Obeid. Download Research
7 The Crime of Spoiling the Child Through the Internet Comparative Lawful Study (France,Egypt,Jordan) Hassan Abu Hamameh,Dr.Fahed Al-Kasasbeh Download Research
8 The Constitutional framework of the internet regulation in the Jordanian Parliament Fayez Abu-Shamaleh,Prof.Soulayman Batarsih Download Research
9 Monotony of the Administrative Judiciary over the Sanctions Issued by the Jordanian Lawyers Association Mohammad Abu-Alhaija,Prof.Soliman Batarseh Download Research
10 The Citizen Right of Obtaining Information from Public Authorities in Jordanian Law Compared with Yemeni law Muath Abu Dalu,Dr.Mustafa Al Tarawneh Download Research