Vision, Mission, and Objectives

Vision, Mission, and Objectives


Entrepreneurship and distinction in pharmaceutical sciences, scientific research and community service at the local, regional, and international levels.


Providing qualified pharmacists trained and educated at the hands of distinguished staff, conducting up-to-date research work, and building positive partnership with community.


  1. Updating study plans continually to cope with the demands of labor market and the needs of community.
  2. Tuning the academic programs to keep abreast with the demands of labor market relating to health concerns.
  3. Providing up-to-date and exquisite education to produce qualified pharmacists excelling in research work and profession.
  4. Equipping students with pharmaceutical skills needed in dealing with health care providers, patients and community.
  5. Encouraging research work and creating an appropriate environment.
  6. Serving the public and private institutions working in the pharmaceutical field.